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Rapid Application Development Framework

A comprehensive guide to Rapid Application Development utilizing the power of a proven framework and best practices.

If you are a developer, software architect, business owner or IT manager and you are looking for a faster way to develop and deploy software on off-host systems, then this is one of the most comprehensive references available to help you achieve these objectives. This guide covers a wide range of topics from prototyping, risk management, and deployment to common mistakes and how to avoid them.

In addition to covering best practices, this guide also addresses the critical day-to-day activities required in order to develop and ship great software on time and on budget.

User Authentication Principles
Theory and practice

A detailed account of user authentication principles including theory, best practices, recommendations and tools.

If you are a developer, information security analyst or IT manager and you are looking for a more secure way to manage computer accounts on host and off-host systems, then this guide will help you understand the theory and practices governing the creation and maintenance of user accounts. It covers a wide range of topics such as authentication, Challenge-Response, biometric devices, account and password policies, and password storage techniques.

In addition to best practices, this guide also provides practical steps and procedures that could be used in day-to-day user account management. A free password and account management tool (the Password Vault) is provided to help you test, generate, manage and securely store strong passwords from the convenience of your desktop.

Algorithmic Solutions to Common
Business Problems

Rigorous coverage of the art and science of algorithms and a comprehensive discussion of their business implementation.

This book is written for both hands on developers who are looking for the best solution to specific domain problems and academics interested in the inner workings of most common business algorithms.

Each chapter provides extensive coverage of the algorithmsí mathematical, performance, optimization, and implementation details as well as a number of concrete usage examples.

The code samples are provided in both pseudo-code and in a number of popular languages. Tested and documented, the code can be incorporated with few changes into your application.

A Corporate Guide to Academic Internships

An informative manual on how to establish an academic Internship Program with detailed step-by-step instructions

This book is written as a how-to manual for executives and individuals interested in implementing a corporate internship program. If you are looking for a more efficient way to find, recruit and hire your top talent, then this is the most comprehensive guide available to help you achieve these objectives.

A detailed step by step handbook, it covers a wide range of topics from program structure, tips for success, common mistakes and how to avoid them and conclusive documentation that an HR manager can quickly adopt for program implementation.





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