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1. Salvage Fleet on Location

This harbor salvage took place in one of the main shipping canals at the Port of Tampa Florida.  It involved a refloatation of a 200 ft. barge that sank in 30 ft. of water during a heavy storm.  The operation was conducted under difficult environmental condition (poor visibility, strong winds and heavy rains).  The aging barge was in poor structural condition, so special care had to be taken to prevent it from breaking during the pressurization and dewatering phases.   

2. Phase I - Dewatering and Pressurizing
the Hull (barge is still submerged)

3. Phase II - Achieving Buoyancy
(Starboard side is emerging) 

4. Starboard Looking toward Bow


5. Phase III - Barge Refloated (note hydraulic pumps and pontoon boat on deck)

6. Phase IV - Barge Prepared for Towing

7. "Trust, but Verify" Conducting a
Project Status Check



8. Tools of the Trade (liftbag, diving helmet, cutting torch, hydraulic pump, air compressor)




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